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About Me
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      I am a family man with a young daughter and an amazing partner that always come first, and more often than not, you will see my partner with me on shoots. We are located just outside Sacramento, CA but I do travel often as needed for shoots.

      I am extremely passionate about telling visual stories through both photography and film, but as you'll notice, both have a cinematic feel.

      When it comes to weddings and engagement shoots, I can guarantee that you'll get a more "cinematic" approach, look and feel. I want my clients to look back in time and remember that feeling they had at the time and to give raw emotion in the photo or video.

      As for bands, as you can see, I'm extremely versatile when shooting concerts, or in the studio. My goal is to show what your band's energy looks and feels like in my images.

      I started shooting about fifteen years ago as a necessity because I was a music journalist and didn't want stock photos to go with my articles, so I am a completely self taught band photographer but coming up in filmmaking and shooting concerts has given me a huge understanding of light and how to utilize it in many different situations. 

      My clients rave about my professionalism, inclusivity, talent, and editing. I keep up on all new trends, while also staying true to myself and my style.

      I am available for any and all types of photography and videography/filmmaking. Please contact me to discuss your project! 



Thanks for your inquiry, I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

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